SCOPE was founded on January 17th 2005 and has evolved as a leading non-profit organization in STEM community development and economical stabilization programs and is registered with Federal and State of California as a Non-profit  organization with 501 (C) status.

The creation of SCOPE was the result of community focused initiatives of Pakistani American Volunteers to offer STEM (Science Technology Engineering Math) based career development programs for community and public benefits. These programs are facilitated through networking, professional seminars,  mentorship programs, youth field trips and ongoing social events. The programs are designed for vertical integration of the community— i.e. from middle school youth to colleges students—and from young graduates to Senior Professionals preparing them for the real life challenges associated with career transitions—especially in today’s challenging economical times where right academic and career choices yields lifetime of prosperity and economical stability.

SCOPE is proud to be one of the most technically diversified group of Pakistani-American  Volunteers in North America working together exclusively for STEM community development projects with core belief that greatest advancements in our society from medicine to mechanics, have come from the minds of those interested in or studied in the areas of STEM.

STEM workforce has an out sized impact on a nation’s competitiveness, economic growth, and overall standard of living. SCOPE volunteers—in these economical times - are dedicated to support these distinguished community initiatives for building a better tomorrow by creating a brighter today.